Kickstart and expedite our game release!

Our game is coming soon and we could use your help to deliver the best possible gaming experience upon launch. If you are able to give us a hand in doing this, please donate today.Below is the donator model that we offer, for those of you that can. Donation is not required to play this game, you just get a few extra perks to help out.

Pre-Launch Bundles

Package 1:

  1. Amulet Coin: This item when held will double the in-game “Neuro” drop rate.
  2. Donator Status: In-game and on Forum that gets you free travel to allowed areas.
  3. Access Shards: 10 of each color Shard that gives you access to inclusive areas/items.
    ***Pre-Launch Special***
  4. A Secret Pokemon Box - A box that when opened spawns a rare Staff-Pick Pokemon.
Donation Amount $5

Package 2:

  1. Egg Box - This will allow you to learn an “Egg Move” at the incubator shops.
  2. Purple Shards: This shard type will give you access to a Beta only area.
    ***Pre-Launch Special***
  3. Rare Item: Staff-Pick rare Item that will show up in your backpack when you start.
    Note: If you would like to donate more, contact us here so that we can assist you.
Donation Amount Custom